Moving to Spain?


We assist you finding your new home and we carry out all necessary measures to help you settle and begin your new life in the best conditions


How we do it:

Before your coming


  • Pre-arrival contact: Needs assessment, budget and time guidelines                                                                                         
  • Information on the city and its characteristics: Transports,public services, lifestyle, cost of living, real estate market,..                                                                                                         
  • Home searchWe visit houses according to your requirements and                        we prepare and send you reports after each visit:                          pictures,plans, distribution,characteristics,                                      neiborhood,..                                                                  You choose:You only have to pick out your favorites!​                                                                                                          
  • School information: Overview on the Spanish education system and local school options                                                                              
  • Check list review                                                                    



Viewing day


  • We pick you up: One of our experts on real estate market will accompany you                                                                                     
  • We visit the selected properties (10-15)                                                          
  • we help you to choose and book                                                      
  • We provide you lease assistance: We translate contract terms. We also offer and negociate price and conditions on your behalf.





  • Paperwork and Legal procedures: We arrange Residence and Work Permits, Bank account setup, Social Security registration, Insurance purchase,..                                                                           
  • Facilities: Internet,supplies and utilities hook up                                 
  • Assistance with school registration                                                 
  • Integration: We inform and teach on the local culture offer and activities. We help you to register in language courses. We arrange cultural tours to know the city and its history,..

Contact Us     

Phone:+34 608.876.472


Welcome to Spain

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